Subaru has been convinced for decades that the ideal powertrain for delivering performance with safety is Symmetrical AWD (All Wheel Drive)

Why not front or rear wheel drive? 

Both undoubtedly have their advantages in certain conditions. But overall, only power distributed to four wheels instead of two can bring together enjoyable driving and a greater feeling of security in all situations. 



Let's explain why... First, there's the radical combination of placing short, low centre of gravity Horizontally - Opposed Boxer Engines and a straight transmission layout along the centre line of the vehicle. That creates a stable structure to start with, for superb cornering and responsiveness. With the AWD system at its heart, the whole package is highly efficient - providing very precise steering response in corners, as well as surefooted stability when travelling at high speeds and in bad weather. It is this level of balance and predictability, centred on Subaru's hallmark AWD, which gives agility and response beyond the capabilities of conventional AWD systems. That's why Subaru has championed this key technology for so long. 



Symmetrical AWD's balance is mainly due to longitudinally mounted components, with almost total side-to-side symmetry. Engines are mounted low down, while most heavy items (like the transmission) are further back, within the wheelbase. So, not only is weight balanced laterally, but the centre of gravity lies ideally between front and rear wheels 




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